FAQ: Recycling

Q. What Do I Do With the Box from the Previous Week?

A. We love minimizing our mutual carbon footprints by reusing and recycling! Please leave your boxes, insulation liner, and ice packs outside for us. Our drivers will pick them up and return them to our warehouse. Once there, we sanitize them for reuse for your next delivery.


Q. I’m Closing My Account – How Do I Get the Last Box(es) Back to You?

A. The box is yours to keep. We cannot schedule stops just for box pickups. Therefore, if you cancel your account, the boxes you have are yours to keep.


Q. Why Does My Box Come With Insulated Packing?

A. To keep your organic produce farm-fresh, we deliver it in premium insulated packaging. Because the packaging is expensive, we would appreciate it if you could return it to us for reuse and recycling. If you don’t or forget, it’s all good. You are free to keep it for your personal use or recycle it responsibly.

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