FAQ: Produce


Q. Is Everything Really Organic?

A. Yes, all of our produce is USDA Certified Organic. Any other “certification” is hogwash. Getting this certification is no easy task, and the highest standard a grower can get. For you, that means your food will not contain any pesticides, GMO’s or chemical residues. We do not carry any conventionally grown produce, protecting you from cross-contamination. So, you know you are getting better products than you’ll see at the big-box stores.


Q. Does Organic Produce Spoil Faster than Conventional?

A. All of our produce is 100% certified organic, so none of our fruits and veggies are treated with the waxes or preservatives used in conventional farming. They also have not been generically-modified for artificially longer shelf lives. And, let’s be real; we could all do with fewer pesticides in our world.


Q. Why Do My Potatoes Have Dirt on Them?

A. All potatoes (even sweet potatoes) are root vegetables and are starchy tubers, which means they are grown in dirt. The dirt on the potatoes protects the vegetable during transport and help them last longer during storage. You will want to store your raw potatoes in a cool and dark place. Before using them, be sure to wash your potatoes thoroughly.  


Q. How Can I Keep My Produce as Fresh as Possible?

A. Florida weather does a great job of keeping things hot and humid. We do our part by delivering your products in an insulated liner with ice packs. On delivery days, you can help by providing a cooler large enough to fit the box or point us to a safe, shady spot. Make sure you are following the best vegetable storage practices. Be sure to store your fruits correctly as well.  


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