FAQ: Ordering

Q. Box Types

A. We offer a choice of six different box types you can order for delivery. Menus rotate based on seasonal availability.   


Q. What Exactly is Your Service?

A. We provide you with regular delivery of fresh organic fruit and vegetables right to your home or office. You can opt-in for weekly or every other week. We do the picking and packing, and you do the eating without having to go to the market and saving yourself time.


Q. How It Works

A. Our mantra is “Keep It Simple & Safe,” also known as the “KISS Rule.” Start with picking your preferred box, let us know where you would like it delivered, let us know if you want it weekly or bi-weekly and we’ll add you to the next delivery rotation.  It’s just that easy-peasy.


Q. What Size Box Should I Pick?

A. It depends on how much produce you consume, the size of your household, and how frequently you cook at home. To keep food fresh and available, we recommend weekly deliveries. If you are worried about having too much, start with our small box and upgrade later if you need more organic produce in your life. We get it.


Q. Why Do You Need My Credit Card on File?

A. We provide a recurring delivery service and charge your card every Monday for the upcoming week’s delivery. If we do not have a card on file, we cannot charge your card and add you to the week’s delivery schedule.


Q. Do You Accept Apple or Samsung Pay? What about Venmo or PayPal?

A. Unfortunately, our payment processing system is still a little old school. We only accept payment using the major credit cards, namely Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express.


Q. Do I have to Commit to a Certain Number of Deliveries?

A. Nope, we would prefer to earn your affection. Try us either for a week or for a few weeks. We are going to work hard to be pals for life. But if you can cancel if you want to.


Q. Can I Just Make a One-Time Delivery Order?

A. CFL Organics is a subscription service, meaning we are all about regular deliveries to our customers. We deliver either weekly or every-other-week. But if you are only going to make one order, please be sure to cancel the account after you receive your delivery.


Q. Do You Have a Physical Location or Store I can Visit?

A. We are a strictly online and warehouse operation and do not have a retail brick and mortar store location. Delivering directly from the farmers to your door keeps our costs down and pass those savings on to you!

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