FAQ: Menu

Q. Can I See Your Menu?

A. Our menus rotate weekly, and we post our menus to the website on Saturday morning. What you get depends upon the box type you ordered.


Q. How Do I Know What’s In My Box?

A. Every Friday, our customers receive an email with the upcoming week’s menu. From there, they can log in to either customize their order by swapping out or adding additional items.


Q. What If I Want to Swap an Item?

A. Customization is something our customers love about our service. And we like to “deliver” this by offering item swaps. Upcoming week’s menu gets posted up every Saturday. You’ll also get an email every week listing out the planned menu based on your subscriptions. To swap, just log into your account, you’ll see this week’s menu on your main page, click on the item you want to swap and select from your available options.


Q. What If I Keep Getting Stuff I Don’t Like?

A. We curate input from our customers’ feedback. We also know that your preferences could be diet or allergy-related. Help us help you by selecting items you like and don’t like using our “Produce Likes” feature in your account settings. Our swap items feature empowers you to customize your weekly orders. If you still see items you can’t eat or don’t like, then contact us.    


Q. Do You Carry Everything Listed Under “Produce Likes?”

A. No, we do not. The list we curated and your responses feed into an algorithm to help us to create customer preference profiles. This data helps us better understand what types of products we should source more of,  as well as looking for the seasonal gems our customers like.


Q. Can I just buy single items as I need them?

A. No, we do not offer this service, and it’s not cost-effective for us to deliver just a few items. We do, however, offer single items via our shop that you can add to your weekly order. Most of these are single items that are always available in our shop, so you can make these add-ons recurring.



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