FAQ: Gift Cards

Q. Do You Sell Gift Cards?

A. Yes, we sell Gift Cards on our website and they are delivered electronically.  


Q. What Is the Minimum Amount for a Gift Card

A. The minimum amount you can purchase a card for is $10. However, note that our least expensive box is $29.99, so your gift recipient will still need to cover the difference.


Q. How Will I Know If My Gift Was Redeemed?

A. Well, you could ask the recipient, but we can always check for you. Drop us a line at [email protected]


Q. Why Do You Need My Credit Card When I Received a Gift Card?

A. That’s awesome, and we’re so glad you’re going to try us out. You will still need to sign up for the service and provide us with a credit card. Once you have signed up, log into your new account and select “Redeem Gift Card” from your purchase. We will charge the card and not your credit card. If this is a one-time purchase, be sure to cancel the service the 10:00 PM (EST) on Sunday before your scheduled delivery for the week.

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