FAQ: Customer Care

Q. How Do I Know Everything I’m Getting is Safe?

A. Safety is our number one focus. We are an essential service, and all our delivery is contact-free. We leave your box(es) at your door based on your specifications. Our packing and delivery team members all wear masks and gloves at all times, so the only human hands touching your food is your own. We also regularly sanitize our warehouse and maintain very high hygiene standards. We want you home and safe. Let us worry about getting you fed. We are doing everything we can reasonably do to keep you healthy and happy through this time of crisis.

Q. This Week’s Delivery is Missing Items!

A. As a human-operated warehouse, we sometimes make mistakes. We do our best to fill orders, but sometimes our suppliers forget to send the right number of cases, or an item mistakenly doesn’t get packed. Contact us ASAP if anything is missing from your order. We want to make sure you’re happy, so we’ll either credit you for the item or add extras to your next delivery.

Q. I Received a Damaged Item, Now What?

A. We all do our best, and sometimes our produce gets damaged during transport. Please contact us right away so that we will either credit you or add some additional goodies to your next delivery.

Q. Why Are There Items in My Box That I Didn’t Order?

A. If we run out of an item or there was an issue with the product, we will try to provide you with a delicious alternative. And we’ve been known to show our customers some love with a few freebies now and then.

Q. Where Do You Deliver?

A. Our service area is pretty large, but it also changes based on customer demand. If you don’t see your zip code listed, send us a note, and we’ll be sure to let you know if we can deliver to your area. 

Q. Can I Swap Items?

A. Sure! Each week we try to put together the best menu, but maybe you’re not in the mood for zucchini this week. No problem! For deliveries the upcoming week, our customers can swap out items up till Sunday, 10:00 PM (EST). Simply log in to your account to verify your requested changes.

Q. Do I Need to Subscribe?

A.  We provide a recurring subscription service, which means you get your box either weekly or every two weeks. If at any time you want to cancel your service, no problem. We’d like to think we can keep you with all that delicious organic food showing up at your door, but we know we may not be for everyone.

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